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For years fans have moaned about particularly foreign players overreacting to tackles in the English Football Premier League. One potential leg breaker and two chop down tackles in recent games on Kevin DeBruyne of Manchester City FC … who certainly can’t be described as an overseas player who ‘makes a meal’ out of tackles on him … and none of those responsible sent off. He’s injured and the animals are sent back to their cages to ready up for the next skillful player

pic Reuters

Kevin DeBruyne limping off today after a third tackle on him in as many weeks where the offending player was considered to have been ‘lucky to stay on the pitch’                                  (pic by Reuters)



I do wonder sometimes if these reports are just a way of the establishment – who lets face it have no idea what real life for the majority is really like most of the time – of getting one of their ‘own’ to confirm what’s happening with the ‘plebs’ out there.

After all, the establishment were all too happy to accept the blatant lies from their ‘own’ lower down the ranks (South Yorkshire Police, local politicians and Sheffield Wednesday FC etc) that it was the fault of the fans on the day. This was irrespective of the statements of the surviving fans and the hundreds of people directly connected to the those poor 96 lost souls.

23 years of lies and cover ups to protect their ‘own’ have ensued and I wonder how many of those actually responsible on the day and thereafter have gone to their graves having lived a good life whilst families of the 96 lost have grieved, campaigned and suffered the enormous frustration of their loved ones having been found ‘guilty’ by proxy whilst they knew 100% they were the innocent victims.

There can be no more delay. Irrespective of the legal chances of success, the Home Office and DPP have a responsibility for once to put the families and rest of us first and sod their ‘own’ by going after like a pack of wolves any persons still living who were responsible for what happened on that terrible day.

In addition, there can be no more delay for all football supporters in the UK to show we are better than these lying deceitful collection of individuals to allegedly ‘serve the public’ – as long as it suits them to do so – by showing our solidarity with those deceased and surviving Liverpool supporters and families in remembering them in the appropriate respectful way.

Justice for the Hillsborough 96

David Luiz (Chelsea FC)

remind you of Sideshow Bob (Simpsons)?         

I’ve been a supporter of Man City since 1966 when I first saw them play against Fulham at Craven Cottage. Particularly since the late 1970’s people into football will understand when I say I often described it as a form of self abuse.

I can honestly say since we won the League Cup in 1976 I thought City wouldn’t win anything of consequence again in my life time.

How wonderful to be so wrong!

MCFC FA Cup winning shirt in the year I was born

MCFC 1976 League Cup winning shirt

Ya Ya you diamond!