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The irony of quoting words such as ‘subordinate’ and ‘colonial possessions’ make me suggest a wider history is read with a bit more if a perspective attitude.

 Lets not forget we’ve had the same monarch since 1603 and there was also a Union Act at that time, although not of the full type there was eventually to be in 1707. There were many reasons on both sides for the Act of Union 1707 to be agreed …not least Scotland was broke!

Up to 50% of money circulating in that country was either lost or tied up in the disaster of the Scottish Darien Company which independent Scotland set about with such astounding ignorance and lack of forethought as to the reactions of the Spanish and English having their areas of influence and trade encroached upon. And don’t go blaming the English for their blockade .. it was a time of empire building and you were attempting nothing any different than England, Spain, and France etc. were … so don’t go there!
You blew it! … and Scotland would have done exactly the same as those two countries did. Rightly or wrongly by 21st century values, but at that time everybody was at it. 

There is often the North Sea Oil argument brought up … how England took most of the revenue from that. That conveniently brushes aside the £billions invested in Scotland prior to the oil being extracted in the first place!

Even back in 1707 we coughed up nearly £400,000, of which nearly 60% was used as compensation for that failed attempt at …. yes … a subordinate quasi-colonial possession.

 I’m not saying it’s okay … I’d preferred if my vote of remain was a success. I also respect Scotland and like the place and I’m perfectly happy and respect your decision if you ever vote to become independent. However, I get fed up with the ‘whoa its me’ … ‘ya English bastards took all our oil and all that’ … ‘Us Scots are wonderful we’re not to blame for anything’ attitude. It’s bullshit! … you had a chance to go independent and guess what? … as with the Darien fiasco, you blew it again! … You wanted to stay with the Bitch Mother of Parliament at Westminster so stop whining!

Either do something about it this time around  or lets just get on FFS!


Currently, this could be an improvement 


Story Power (Words)

Posted: November 12, 2016 in Community, Education, Fun, Humour, Life, Literature, Poetry

Words that can stir my imagination and take me from the day and paint pictures in my mind are diamonds glistening in the fog of the mundane.
P J Lacey ©2016            #LaceysLifeQuote 

Beer Goggles

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Britain, Community, England, Europe, Fun, History, Humour, Life, Society, UK

If bread be the “staff of life” then let ale be its gracious partner in all things hearty and well with each other and this world in which we reside 😀 #laceyslifequotes

The Conversation 

Posted: September 18, 2016 in Fun, Humour, Life, UK

Imagine the scene. A group of mates having their regular few Friday night pints and enjoying playing pool and whacking some tracks of music on.

Carlo putting on INXS and then doing that strange mixture of robotic and Madness dance that if you didn’t know was normal behaviour for him you’d be concerned for his mental well being.

Moving over to Rob and this follows:

Carlo: “This lot hey? … best band from Australia”

 Rob: “Well, to be fair there’s a narrow band for that” 

Carlo: (still doing the strange dance) … “Not heard of them”

And off Carlo goes to dance at the head of the pool table.

#priceless #youhadtobethere

Don’t try to be happy. We’re programmed to be dissatisfied

A long time ago I was given by colleagues as a present a mug coaster with ‘Grumpy Old Git’ on it. I took it in the mickey take it was intended … and yes before you say, it was intended that way 😀

Anyway, I fully recognise my tendency to approach some … well alright! most things :D… in what many describe as in a ‘glass half empty’ context.
As many who know me, I prefer the alternative ‘realist’ and/or ‘pragmatic’ because I find trying to be totally upbeat and positive as not only a tiresome waste of energy but also in my humble opinion pretty much impossible to achieve. This is I might add is a lot different of convincing oneself you are happy and most things have a positive stance to it.
This is a personal attitude of this concept. I don’t look upon anyone else with, or trying to achieve, such a state of ‘self utopia’ as anything but just a person doing their best to get through life in a way that’s good for them … and if it spreads a bit of sunshine to others around them then that’s a bonus. 
It’s a bit like religion really in that if it works for you and you consider it makes you happy then I give my best wishes to you. 
My ‘realist’ attitude could be claimed as a self defence mechanism by some. If that’s the case, then in the example of a plane crash, I’d rather come down safely on the runway with no undercarriage and a controlled bellyflop than the less chance of survival of partial nosedive crash because the pilot was optimistic the wheels were down to connect to the tarmac.
So it appears my stance on this isn’t so negative as some others think as this article I have posted with this missive shows #justathought