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Russia has it’s own unique way of going about governance and commerce which is as diverse and varied as any non European state. We deal with other countries who don’t go about their business in what the west would regard as a conventional and appropriate way, so why on earth do we seem obsessed in changing the way Russia conducts its internal affairs.

It’s almost akin to the days when Western European missionaries trundled down to Africa to convert the ‘savages’ and impose our ways and philosophy on them …then shocked and abhorred on occasions when our ‘soldiers’ of God were turned upon and hacked to bits.

Even a short delve into Russian history, particularly since the revolution of 1917, one can appreciate why as a nation they feel insecure and threatened. Ever since the time of Lenin and Trotsky nations all around its borders have been trying at the very least to undermine them … and particularly from the western side.

France had a fear of invasion and from that came the Maginot Line, a vast fortification that spread along the French/German border. It’s intention in World War 2 failed but Russia simply expanded the idea in 1945 after the end of the war. Instead of concrete they chose the territory of whole countries between them as a ‘buffer zone’ … or the ‘Iron Curtain’ phrase coined by Winston Churchill.

This was hardly surprising as twice they had been invaded from the west, by Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler in 1941. In both cases the Russian casualties was beyond comprehension with millions of their people killed and injured.

And still the west continued in the same vein through the ‘Cold War’ period. Russia are by no means the innocent party in all this but there seems to be a complete blindness in the appreciation of why and a dogmatic refusal to look at this from a different angle.

Vladimir Putin is a different person to deal with than Mikhail Gorbachev and the ‘Glasnost’ period that eventually dismantled the USSR. He is a political animal of the ‘old school’ type. But the west have positive relations with leaders of nations just as bad or far worse than him who they accept in a pragmatic and positive way.

A wounded animal is a dangerous thing and that is the Russian bear at this time. The west’s overall treatment of Russia, and their dealings with Putin need to change and that means inclusion and assistance. The sooner the West realise this the better because the possible alternative consequences of a threatened Russia with a wrecked economy could be a far worse proposition.


Before and after the United Kingdom officially came into being with the Act of Union between England and Scotland in 1707, England has often seemed to be unprepared in historically significant events or periods.

The Empire came about more by accident due the consequences of the huge expense of developing the Royal Navy and them needing to recoup back to the Treasury the vast sums spent. To put this into perspective, at it’s height the Admiralty’s expenditure accounted for 10% of GDP of the country. This was the primary reason the Admiralty encouraged the system of the a Royal Navy ships Captains being able to retain the percentage of any ‘booty’ they brought back to share with himself and his crew. A state sanctioned ‘piracy’ if you like.

As with many European countries, any land area they docked at which had the potential of riches was ‘claimed’ on behalf of the sovereign to protect the assets discovered. In the example of India, a reciprocal arrangement was developed with the British East India Company. In effect a trading company with a private army that eventually led to the whole of India being under British control.

It was a successful blueprint similarly adopted that eventually comprised of overseas possessions and trading posts that ruled or administered over approximately 458 million people (an estimated 20% of the world’s population at the time) covering over 13 million square miles.

Historians can argue for or against the rights, wrongs etc but two things cannot really be disputed.

1) From all over the vast areas there had to be a central point everything went back to. That by logic was the capital city of the ‘Mother Country’ London.

2) The United Kingdom Governments took full advantage of the ‘spoils’ from those regions, and the effect of what wasn’t given back in return resonates with the consequences of this to the present day.

Closer to home, the pulling in of controlling power by a centralised government also became a legacy we have to the present day.

We were pathetically unprepared at the outbreak of the World War 2 in 1939, but the replacement of a Prime Minister totally unsuitable for the time in Neville Chamberlain, and the pure luck of an American President who wasn’t an isolationist and prepared to apply a Lend Lease policy helped us get out of being overrun by Germany.

After the end of World War 2 in 1945 Central Government in London held on to this. Even the possibility it could be diminished after 1945 as it was being justified less and less with the break up of the Empire wasn’t going to stop them.

However, over the 69 years of no worldwide conflict the requirement of the Central Government to centralise the financial, fiscal and legislative powers in London has become less and less relevant.

The mobility of the population in relation to moving and working in another part of the country from where one was born and raised hasn’t diminished the flourishing of the identity of the many regions in the UK. The phrase “once a Yorkshireman, always a Yorkshireman” could well be applied to anywhere else in the country by simply just changing ‘Yorkshireman’ as appropriate to the specific area concerned.

That term “we’re all in it together” for the financial crisis and cuts used by the Government simply doesn’t resonate with many because it’s plainly not true.

The resources spent per head in London far outweighs other parts of the UK, but the financial contribution from these other parts of the UK in return to Central Government in London greatly exceeds what they get back.

When you bring into play the current legislative powers of the Scottish Assembly to use for the benefit of it’s people, plus London expecting the English to accept MP’s from Scotland who can vote on English matters in the House of Commons, with the reverse not happening, is a classic case of their insular attitude.

A political arrangement by the way only for the benefit of the main parties to ensure they didn’t lose representatives from north of the border. This of course also applies to MP’s from other regions of the UK where they have a legislative body.

This is further compounded by the slashing of the budgets in real terms of all government departments, to also include the English County Councils downwards making the population of England suffer more than anywhere else generally.

Even today a vast majority, if not all, of the revenue from local taxation goes back to the Treasury who in turn then allocate a sum back that the English Regions have to fight tooth an nail for. They exercise near 100% financial and legislative control over the English regions purely by the fact their responsibilities issued by Central Government ensure the Councils require two thirds more revenue than they raise. Nearly every £ given has a caveat of what can be done with it and it is Central Government who decide how much your local government will receive.

The choice of cuts is left at local level but the amount of money they receive to maintain the services is decided in London. And when it’s announced an Adult Social Care respite establishment is being trimmed back or closed down, who do the local residents petition, protest and blame? .. not London.

When a major problem arises such as the floods it’s left to the local government authorities, rescue services and agencies to deal with until they are at near breaking point. Only when it beings to maybe look bad for London will they react.

The period of inaction from London to flood affected areas such as Somerset is a typical example and symptomatic of the attitude to the rest of England. I can’t imagine the Scottish politicians allowing such a situation to go on so long without intervention.

Central Government in London is like the old UK with it’s Empire, carry on regardless and get the most out with as little input as possible. The grand announcement that another £130 million is being allocated to battle the flood defence situation rings hollow with the leaked information the Environment Agency in England have heavy budget cuts imposed by ministers meaning it will have to shed about 25% of its staff, including frontline flood staff. This is despite pledges by its chairman that reducing the agency’s emergency response was a “red line”

With all the evidence over the years of climate change and the almost guaranteed weather to some degree of the type we are now experiencing nearly every year, they have actively decreased the capability of a government agency whose primary remit is to hold back nature. Replace the environment agency with the downsizing and lack of modernisation of the armed services between up to 1938 – when it was as plain as day the likely intentions of Hitler in Germany by his actions between from 1933* – and one has again the totally unprepared scenario.

Prime Minister David Cameron is our Neville Chamberlain of 1939, but the question of why we need all the power centralised in London is being asked in Scotland, and the same question is being asked more and more all over the shires of England.

* Build up of armed forces in direct contravention of 1919 Treaty of Versaille – Annexe of Alasce and Lorraine from France – Annexe of Austria – occupation of Czechoslovakia. All prior to invasion of Poland in 1939 

I do wonder sometimes if these reports are just a way of the establishment – who lets face it have no idea what real life for the majority is really like most of the time – of getting one of their ‘own’ to confirm what’s happening with the ‘plebs’ out there.

After all, the establishment were all too happy to accept the blatant lies from their ‘own’ lower down the ranks (South Yorkshire Police, local politicians and Sheffield Wednesday FC etc) that it was the fault of the fans on the day. This was irrespective of the statements of the surviving fans and the hundreds of people directly connected to the those poor 96 lost souls.

23 years of lies and cover ups to protect their ‘own’ have ensued and I wonder how many of those actually responsible on the day and thereafter have gone to their graves having lived a good life whilst families of the 96 lost have grieved, campaigned and suffered the enormous frustration of their loved ones having been found ‘guilty’ by proxy whilst they knew 100% they were the innocent victims.

There can be no more delay. Irrespective of the legal chances of success, the Home Office and DPP have a responsibility for once to put the families and rest of us first and sod their ‘own’ by going after like a pack of wolves any persons still living who were responsible for what happened on that terrible day.

In addition, there can be no more delay for all football supporters in the UK to show we are better than these lying deceitful collection of individuals to allegedly ‘serve the public’ – as long as it suits them to do so – by showing our solidarity with those deceased and surviving Liverpool supporters and families in remembering them in the appropriate respectful way.

Justice for the Hillsborough 96

I’ve been a supporter of Man City since 1966 when I first saw them play against Fulham at Craven Cottage. Particularly since the late 1970’s people into football will understand when I say I often described it as a form of self abuse.

I can honestly say since we won the League Cup in 1976 I thought City wouldn’t win anything of consequence again in my life time.

How wonderful to be so wrong!

MCFC FA Cup winning shirt in the year I was born

MCFC 1976 League Cup winning shirt

Ya Ya you diamond!

Not content with the current cost cutting, such as allowing essential services prices rises like utilities and train travel, plus tax hikes….all affecting the less well off by taking more and more of the proportion of their meagre salaries (if lucky enough to have a job)….we have a minimum price on drinking possibly coming.

Apparently it’s due to the increase year on year of anti social behaviour and associated health issues. Perhaps politicians should be asking themselves the reasons why people feel they want to go and get lashed and have what they consider a good time away from their problems for a short while.

Perhaps they think it’ll be preferable the far ‘better orf types’ in society do this sort of thing. I mean if one has a bit of a problem with disorder caused by drink it will be much better for the police to confront a middle class twat speaking the Kings’ English.

This is preferable to the effing and blinding poor sod out for a good Anglo Saxon/Viking type drink session….(our genetic historical heritage and we drink far less than hundreds of years ago)….as a respite from a crap week in a poxy job earning thousands less than the mean average £26,000 per year.

Oh no old chap…..can’t have the plebs being able to afford too much  alcohol…..want them having to pay a far higher proportion of their wages for it…..just as they do with the essentials of life in the UK…..and working until they drop far earlier than the retiring age whilst making more profits for heads of banks and business to pay out taking HMRC big hitters to lavish dinners in Michelin 3 Star restaurants…..what what!

GAYE (Get And You Endure)

1200 B.C. – location – Troy – Beware Greeks bearing gifts

2012 A.D. – location –  Brussels (via Berlin) – Beware northern Europeans bearing Euros