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Are we sure we’re going to have a good time?
Or just pretending in the hours of the light of day,
At night time when we’re alone and it’s quiet,
Where do some thoughts drift to?
To the bank account going into overdraft,
Or the credit limit reached on the card.

Concerns of how you’re judged by the festive fare you provide?
Then invite and enjoy with people you know who won’t care,
Yes, Christmas is a time for family,
But also for the good friends,
The sound, honest and reliable ones,
Those who’ve ‘had your back’ throughout the year.

And spare a thought for those away from their families,
Including the ones on standby and working to help, care or keep us safe,
And the ones who rely on a foodbank and donated children’s gift,
For too many the predicament has valid reasons and no fault of their own.

Try not to worry it has to be perfect,
Because it won’t as it is a microcosm of real life where nothing is.
So all you can do is your best,
And the responsibility is on others of gratitude and making it great,
With recognition of your hospitality and kindness,
You deserve nothing less.

Christmas isn’t just special in the way we should treat others,
But the hope it confirms what we’ve felt and how we’ve acted throughout the year,
No one is perfect and we make mistakes, bad decisions or upset others,
But if you can say at least you tried to put things right,
Or live as a better person because of something you can’t change,
Then you deserve the best festive season ever,
And may this continue into 2018 and remain.

Peter J. Lacey
© December 2017



Story Power (Words)

Posted: November 12, 2016 in Community, Education, Fun, Humour, Life, Literature, Poetry

Words that can stir my imagination and take me from the day and paint pictures in my mind are diamonds glistening in the fog of the mundane.
P J Lacey ©2016            #LaceysLifeQuote 

So it’s done,

These concepts imposed called date and time,

Have bought a reason for reflection and hope, and yes, maybe tears,

The noise of celebration and reasons for bells to chime,

We can look back and think what has gone,

And proclaim to family, friends and strangers,

Our heartfelt best wishes for the coming year,

As we join hands as one in unison with the traditional song,

So as we all take stock of our life’s losses and gains,

We pray to ourselves it will be better,

Or if all has gone well in the 12 months before,

Grateful if this next year will at least be the same.

The ‘SUM’

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Life, Poetry
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I’m the (semi) urban man,
In a town of approx 106K,
But not far from loads of greenery,
No spreading metropolis that’s all concrete and grey,
Could be better…but could be worse,
So why feel so unsettled?,
What can I say,
Damn this late ‘mid life crisis’ come ‘what have I achieved’ curse.