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Britain’s rail franchise model ‘unfit for purpose’ say MPs

In this article from the Guardian Newspaper (link below) the following has been attributed and quoted by Paul Plummer, the chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, which represents rail operators and Network Rail….

‘Passengers and taxpayers had benefited from the franchising system in which rail companies brought new ideas and innovation to Britain’s railways’

Plummer added: “Under franchising, the railway has gone from costing taxpayers £2bn a year in terms of day-to-day costs to now contributing £200m, money which helps to fund the major rail upgrades making journeys more comfortable and reliable.”

The above has to be regarded as an appraisal of a transport infrastructure which is staggering in its level of denial of what is happening in the real world of commuter travel.

It could be justified as assuming Mr Plummer travels so rarely on trains he obviously hasn’t noticed anything wrong … nor I presume looked up from the comfort of his 1st class seating at the commuters packed in tighter than it would be legal in live animal transportation.

No doubt he prefers the luxury of a car as opposed to the 35+ year old ex London underground/overground trains used on the Southern Rail coastal line where you have the joy of potentially two hour journey’s with no toilet facilities … and that’s assuming there are no extra delays!

How wonderful to know Mr Plummer lives in the bliss of ignorance where in the real commuter world people earning less than average wages are paying far in excess of 10℅ of their gross salary on rail fares.

What a joy to know he has a job that he hasn’t had his wages deducted every time he’s hasn’t been able to get to work due to the near year long industrial disputes with Southern Rail …. or indeed lost his job.

We must express our pleasure for Mr Plummer having not experienced the consequences of Network Rail infrastructure breakdowns … particularly more signal failures than an armless policeman directing traffic.

You carry on Mr Plummer with your propaganda and you never know, keep that up and perhaps you might get a job offer from President ‘Fart’  in the USA … the combination of your ‘Emporers New Clothes’ statement and what comes out from the Trump administration could then be classified as a ‘follow through’


​I find it intriguing that based on the agreed political definition of ‘right wing’ and also historical fact, it seems to indicate this country lurches further that way each time we have a female Tory Prime Minister.

Interestingly enough the previous incumbent Margaret Thatcher at that time was criticised for not having enough women in the cabinet. 

This time we have Theresa May redressing the lack of female representation in the cabinet to a certain degree .. and what do we find? 

Liz Truss, in her combined roles as Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, staying silent about the extreme abusive and homophobic reaction of High Court Judges concerning the Brexit ruling until under severe criticism from Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, the chairperson of the Bar Council to break this silence.

Only then was a statement issued that was of the most basic generic form with no reference or defence of the actual judges.

In the independent legal requirements on behalf of the Government and Parliament, the  combined post of Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Liz Truss has been accused by the Bar Council of not fulfilling her accepted role as “the conscience of the government”.

I bring this point up about female ministers on the right of politics because it appears to follow a pattern. Margaret Thatcher was divisive to say the least and was “Miss Confrontation’ in the UK,  Europe and beyond.

Theresa May appears to assume we should accept everything she does or say with head bowed finger on the cap with a deferent “yes Miss, coz you knows best .. cor blimey don’t yer know”

God forbid some upstart of a group headed by Gina Miller challenging Theresa May’s authority ….. particularly as an unelected Prime Minister…. to negotiate Brexit and present it to Parliament and the country afterwards as a fait accompli.

“House of Commons! … Lords, Dames and citizens of the UK … these are terms of Brexit! This is the best deal we could have got because of the simple fact you are plebs … we are superior to all of you because we were clever enough to turn you over with the obscure constitutional Royal Prerogative ruse”

Well I’m extremely grateful to Ms Miller because the team assembled for Brexit negotiations I wouldn’t trust with a groceries shopping list.

Many of the papers headlines and lead articles have printed some disgraceful abusive and divisive comments at such an apparent outrage of a court ruling.

They’ve not even worked out what the actual case was brought before the High Court using the sovereign laws of this country which was one of the cornerstones of the Brexit campaign.

Apparently it’s all a conspiracy of a fucked up gay Judicial system and some British female who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain to overturn the referendum result.

Oh … and just for good measure it appears at least one newspaper darkened the skin of Ms Miller in their photograph of her.

I wonder how some of the statements, views and insults published would have been viewed differently by Liz Truss if they’d come from an UK Islamic source.

 As “the conscience of the government” I wonder what the reaction of Liz Truss would have been if a leading member of the Muslim Council publicly warned of mass unrest and calling for protests in the street. 

One would assume nothing because the Justice Secretary/Lord Chancellor hasn’t as ‘conscience of the Government’ condemned a white leader of a right wing racist political party who has already said that to Andrew Marr on the BBC. 

(Awkward Silence Moment)

Oh I’m sorry! … I was off in thought there recalling how I read it was okay to beat up, destroy businesses and intimidate Jews  … but dangerous for Jews to fight back, complain and also have no chance of legal redress from an independent judiciary in Germany in the mid to late 1930’s 

Is it because women feel they have to justify their positions in any high ranking post? 

Is it because they’ve been at an unjustifiable gender disadvantage for so long they can’t get out of being tough and uncompromising … and having to keep showing they are?

Or is it coincidence and just the fault of enough of the electorate succumbing to the age old tendency to tolerate more than normal lurches in one political direction or other in perceived or real times of crisis?

To all who have been kind or bored enough to read this … I will leave you to decide 

Don’t try to be happy. We’re programmed to be dissatisfied

A long time ago I was given by colleagues as a present a mug coaster with ‘Grumpy Old Git’ on it. I took it in the mickey take it was intended … and yes before you say, it was intended that way 😀

Anyway, I fully recognise my tendency to approach some … well alright! most things :D… in what many describe as in a ‘glass half empty’ context.
As many who know me, I prefer the alternative ‘realist’ and/or ‘pragmatic’ because I find trying to be totally upbeat and positive as not only a tiresome waste of energy but also in my humble opinion pretty much impossible to achieve. This is I might add is a lot different of convincing oneself you are happy and most things have a positive stance to it.
This is a personal attitude of this concept. I don’t look upon anyone else with, or trying to achieve, such a state of ‘self utopia’ as anything but just a person doing their best to get through life in a way that’s good for them … and if it spreads a bit of sunshine to others around them then that’s a bonus. 
It’s a bit like religion really in that if it works for you and you consider it makes you happy then I give my best wishes to you. 
My ‘realist’ attitude could be claimed as a self defence mechanism by some. If that’s the case, then in the example of a plane crash, I’d rather come down safely on the runway with no undercarriage and a controlled bellyflop than the less chance of survival of partial nosedive crash because the pilot was optimistic the wheels were down to connect to the tarmac.
So it appears my stance on this isn’t so negative as some others think as this article I have posted with this missive shows #justathought

Sitting with my own thoughts when a man stroll’s into view. He pauses, gives a barely perceptible nod of greeting.

Looking around for a moment, he turns to me and says
“It’s lovely, so peaceful here”

Now disturbed of my solitude I reply
“Yes … it is …probably (nodding in the direction behind him) …because they’re all dead”



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Is it me that’s the only one – after viewing several times – not spotting the spelling and/or grammatical errors in some of my comments until after they have been posted – (note to self: don’t apply for a job as a proof reader)

David Luiz (Chelsea FC)

remind you of Sideshow Bob (Simpsons)?