Passport Ma’am? (Post Brexit)

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Britain, Community, England, Europe, Government, History, Politics, Scotland, Society, UK

It’s the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I of England’s Coronation today which took place on Sunday, January 15 1559 where Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.

Interesting to note the House of Tudor was probably the most ‘British’ of the royal houses since 1066 in an indigenous context. Her grandfather Henry 7th who took the crown from Richard 3rd (Plantagenet – French) in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth, was Welsh. 

Her mother Anne Boleyn, whose surname could be seen to have a French connection, was ancestorally ‘English’ of at least 500 years with the family rising up from humble origins in the Norfolk village of Salle where her early ancestors were relatively prosperous peasants.
As the Tudors after Elizabeth’s father Henry 8th didn’t have any offspring to carry on the succession James 4th of Scotland became James 1st of England.
I’m not including James 1st in the same context as Elizabeth and House of Tudor, quite simply because he’s Scottish. That was a sovereign state in it’s own right and arguably not ‘British’ in this sense as the nation’s indigenous make up is primarily Picts, Irish and Norse tribes. 
In addition the Celts in Wales were the dominant culture in what became England for centuries before the Romans arrived and then the Saxons driving them westward.
That could be argued all day but I still maintain if you take the direct lineages of other royal houses one certainly goes back far less than 500 years to find a direct relative not born in Britain.
On that theme, there’s lot of stories coming out about people from abroad who’ve lived in the UK for many years, in some cases married to a British person and have a family, now at risk of deportation as a fallout of Brexit.
Well, seeing our current Queen Elizabeth doesn’t own a passport, her grandmother was German, the House of Windsor is German, her husband is Greek, will the ruling apply to her as well?


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