Former minister calls for new tax to save NHS and social care

Posted: August 28, 2016 in England, Government, Health, Life, Money, Politics, Society, Transport, UK, Work

Former minister calls for new tax to save NHS and social care

So once again citizens of the UK are there to be ‘milked’ because of the political establishment taking no action or investing properly since the general elections from 1945.

That old question “I’ve paid my taxes and National Insurance all my working life and I’ve got bugger all for it when I need it” produces rolled eyes and exasperation but it’s still valid.

The NHS and social care system has been a political football in control of the government of the day and it is we the population who have paid the price.

Funding for the NHS has been since the general election of 1951 according to what central government deems appropriate in conjunction with the political ethos of the party in control and offset by their other spending commitments. 

These other commitments have been partially due to circumstances but there are many borne from their own ideology of how Britain should be governed.

The revenue from National Insurance contributions goes into the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s coffers to be dealt out according to political doctrine. And the question is, does the amount obtained from from these contributions exceed what is actually given to the NHS.

The possibility of this being the case can be cited from another example, that of Vehicle Excise Duty, or ‘Road Tax, and tax on fuel. 

This is a considerable sum that goes to the government and should be used for the building and maintenance of the UK’s road system … and with some justification the whole transport infrastructure of the country. 

If this is the case then why is the UK one of the developed countries that uses the least percentage of this revenue for its directly related purpose?

Social care funding is even more cynical. Here central government place the responsibility onto local government, which in turn are funded by their central government paymasters. 

“No they don’t as I pay an exorbitant Council Tax charge” I hear you say. That’s true but the average income from this is approximately one third of what is needed by  local government. So if you’re standing outside with a placard or berating your local county council councillor about their decision to close a day care centre just remember the cuts from the two thirds of their budget to make them take such a decision comes from Westminster.

Just like the financial industry nearly bankrupting this country and placing the burden on those who can afford it the least, successive governments have patronised us about we as citizens having to pay our way and ‘cut our cloth’ accordingly to our circumstances.

We get lectured about getting into debt and buying on the ‘never never’ using loans, credit cards etc.  and inferring do we really need a lot of the gizmos, gadgets or material goods we purchase. 

Well! I’d like to ask the government do we really need a nuclear weapons system upgrade costing £100 billion over the next 10 years? 

Is it really necessary to pour billions subsidising private rail firms so their bosses can live like Lords and shareholders benefit from the rich pickings of high fares and the average £1.46 profit made for every £1.00 spent by rail companies? When I might add it has been proved to the contrary when an emergency nationalised section of a rail route in Kent was able to run more cost effectively and put £1 million back into the Treasury in one year.

Just like the financial institutions governments have spent what they have coming in, and more, on things we don’t need … just like the futures markets … and not put aside revenue obtained from us for what is was intended and now we’re expected to pay for their mistakes. 


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