Maintenance grants scrapped for poorest students

Posted: August 1, 2016 in Britain, Community, Economics, Education, England, Government, History, Politics, Society, UK, Work

Maintenance grants scrapped for poorest students

Of course! …. the privileged establishment don’t want people from poorer white and ethnically diverse backgrounds to gain higher education.

If one were to study the social history of the UK you will see a correlation between the imposition of social exclusion by various means. 

This was maintained in various ways, the obvious being draconian laws where not only at one time education was only for the privileged, but poor, destitute and hungry children could be hanged or deported to the colonies for stealing a loaf of bread. 

From the 20th century with the rise of left wing organisations and governments, coupled with the social changes enforced on the elite from the two world wars, they have had to adapt to ways of trying to maintain what they consider their rightful status as ‘above’ the populous of the country.

Throughout the 20th century and beyond this has been through elements such as education where barriers have been placed in the front of state educated students to go on to higher degree level learning. 

Someone from a less privileged background has either had to be incredibly determined to surmount those barriers, and/or of an intellectual ability far in excess of their higher establishment counterparts. 

Apart from the historical evidence a question is worth asking is why in modern Britain today with the undisputed fact of the increasing massive gap between the rich and less well off in society, and with fees into the many thousands for a term the well off can afford even easier… then why are public schools allowed to continue having the advantages of their establishments being classified as ‘charities’


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