Southern rail guards to stage five-day strike

Posted: July 28, 2016 in Britain, Community, Economics, England, Government, Life, Money, Politics, Society, Transport, UK, Work

Southern rail guards to stage five-day strike

Southern Rail, the Government and Unions are all to blame for the previous and proposed strike to come.

All of you connected with this vital service for jobs and the economy should be ashamed of yourselves.
There are commuters who will suffer greatly both in the challenge of getting to work if they’re able … and most importantly the financial hardships for the hard working people of Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire. Kent and London who won’t be able to go to work and therefore won’t get paid!

This is meant to be a public service,that service to the workers who rely on it as the only practical way to get to their employment should be paramount by the Government to force a resolution to this situation.

As for Govia I hope you lose your franchise as this isn’t the only evidence of your shambolic management of Southern Rail. Quite frankly you or the RMT Union are lying to the public whom on their behalf you should both be bending over backwards for the public users.
And you the RMT Union could well go down in history as the organisation that leads to anti strike legislation on essential services in the future.
As for you the Government, you are a disgrace in your apparent inability to kick backsides and get this dreadful situation resolved … for I might add possibly a majority of Tory voters. If this is your ‘ break the Unions’ time like the miners on the past them own up to that fact … if not get off your privileged butts and do something!


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