The Secretary of (causing a) State in NHS

Posted: April 24, 2016 in Britain, Community, Economics, England, Government, Health, Politics, Society, UK, Uncategorized

On Tuesday and Wednesday 26th/27th April will see Junior doctors’ withdraw cover from emergency care areas for the first time in the NHS’s 68-year history.

By the very nature of the profession of staff and doctors’ in the NHS, I am confident in stating this is the last thing they wanted to do.

We can be grateful for one thing from the The Secretary of State for Health … and that is he isn’t Foreign Secretary because we could well be facing a global conflict or diplomatic disaster of incalculable proportions if this same attitude was applied by him in that sphere of operations.

Jeremy Hunt’s ideological intransigence on this issue has been without question the most pig headed, dogmatic and unbelievably short sighted piece of industrial relations and negotiation.

Even a ‘stop gap’ solution of pilot schemes operating the new contract before universal roll out offered by a cross party group of MP’s with backing from the BMA has been dismissed by him as “opportunism”

This charge coming from a Minister who has been heavily critical of doctors’ and their BMA union for not sitting down enough at the table to discuss this issue  – which by the way they were prepared to do if there were new significant and possibly more agreeable proposals on offer – there were not.

Whatever happens, I anticipate the only legacy left by Jeremy Hunt after this is all over will be his name forever tarnished as the ‘NHS Despot’ preceded by the first letter in his surname changed appropriately.



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