Reaping What Votes You Sow

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Britain, Community, Economics, England, Government, Life, Money, Politics, UK

Concise and to the point … if the electorate of both West Sussex and East Sussex continue to …

1) Vote Conservative at General Elections.

2) Not inclined to agree with Conservative politics but don’t even bother to cast a vote against them in elections

Then neither county can’t expect any real attention from Whitehall when it comes to investment of any description.

The reason being is the Tory Government don’t need to worry about Sussex when time and time again they return a majority of the seats available back to the blue side of Parliament.

Why do they need to bother? Just as lovely for them is from the coastal areas of low wages, high cost of living and decimated public services, the sufferers still allow Tory MP’s an easy ride.

Take a look at @bootslacey‘s Tweet:


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