Opposition? … What Opposition

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The link here is full of facts and figures from respected independent institutions. Even with some of us that are genuinely concerned for ours and others circumstances it’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ to read.

However, it is a good concise article, and yet more evidence if needed, of the negative fallout this current government policies are creating in the UK.

Where it should be studied, by I presume people with a professional interest, are the opposition political parties.

In particular, the one that is still considered the main opposition, the Labour Party.

The record of opposition parties in challenging the current government borders on a dereliction of their duty.

Time and time again the likes of Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith and Hunt have been let off the hook by Labour.

Information such as in this article should be studied, disseminated and modified into short sharp campaign messages easily understood by the electorate.

Ministers throats at the despatch box in Parliament should be gone for by a salvo of hard undisputed facts and made to either explain or wither under the onslaught of irrefutable evidence of the negative effects on the majority of the population.

As we continue to be adversely affected by the policies enacted in our name we run the risk of the most downtrodden and affected feeling bereft of anyone truly fighting their corner and advocating sound sensible and fair alternatives.

Although I hope it doesn’t happen, should this continue one long hot summer in the near future could well see an explosion of anger and despair culminating in sustained civil unrest from an increasing percentage of society feeling they have nothing to lose.

If this happens Labour and all the other opposition parties must also bear some responsibility for what at least kindly can be described as an inept performance of such magnitude that if they were a new employee in a probation period they’d be collecting their P45.


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