Wear With Pride

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

As some of you may be aware, Manchester City FC have gone through a consultation process recently about changing the club emblem from its present gold eagle version introduced in 1997, back to a more traditional design now due for unveiling on Boxing Day.

Earlier this month reports came out the club were looking at the possibility of financially assisting fans who as a consequence of this wanted to have their tattoos of the present design removed.


Maybe it’s because mine is relatively small on the upper arm near the shoulder, and I appreciate some of these are massive, covering large areas of bodies such as the back, but I’m a bit perplexed by this.

Now, I got mine some years into the eagle design being in existence when Stuart Pearce was manager … so pre the Abu Dhabi United Group era … hardly during a period we were with the ‘big boys’ in terms of success.

I got it because I decided to get a tattoo, because I’m a fan (obviously) and for me a natural choice to make. There could have been a number of versions that I may have been adorned with, but the eagle it was at the time I chose.

Having said it often but it’s worth repeating, through many of the years since 1966, supporting Man City has been a form of self abuse. Even now it’s there, just not as often.

Whilst not suggesting the reason for a fan wanting to remove their eagle version tattoo is anything other than disappointment, or a desire to replace it with the new one, for me it goes much deeper.

It’s a ‘step up’ from wearing a shirt, scarf etc. … an extra expression of a bond and allegiance to the club and the community within it I feel part of, and of that choice I made in 1966.

Yes, we must look to the future, but my tattoo, although in a relatively modern sense since 1997, still represents the full gambit of my relationship with the club I love as it reminds me of where we were and how far we’ve come.

Man City have been a constant for me for nearly 50 years, providing moments, good or bad, away from the trials and tribulations of my life set within this glorious game of football which in itself is ‘life’s emotions in 90 minutes’



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