No Darling! … I won’t heed your morning call

Posted: December 16, 2014 in England, Government, Politics, Society
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David Cameron has overall been a lucky Prime Minister and it continues on the same path. He probably couldn’t believe his good fortune with the ‘perfect political storm’ of a situation being morally right and advantageous to the Tories at the same time.

Yes, you will hear about the Conservatives needing to fight to regain a base in Scotland, but it’s nowhere near as vital to them as it is for Labour.

So in return for even greater powers to Scotland, plus the billions already and to be poured into north of the border – and in recognition this may make the English finally arise from their apathy and shout “enough!” –  the Tories now attempt to redress the balance with English Votes for English Law (EVEL).

But joy upon joy for Cameron, this at the same time creates the possibility of Labour suffering a severe mauling by the SNP in Scotland, thus compromising their ability to gain enough MP’s to add to the ones from England and Wales, to mount a challenge to take power.

The medium and long term political, constitutional and social ramifications of this is for another time, but for the relative here and now in political terms, it’s a potential goldmine for Cameron as it suits him in terms of political expediency.

Labour missed the opportunity far too often when in power to moan about it now. Unfortunately for them it shows them up as making sure their status quo was kept intact instead of looking at ways England got a fairer deal.

It makes them a mere shadow of what the Labour Party was originally created for – fairness and the rights of the working majority and less fortunate in society.


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