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Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You’d suppose that starting a new blog on here there would be a flurry of posts possibly followed by a decline as the novelty wears off.

Well…that’s not me for two reasons:

1) Basically there are periods in my life that are so fucking boring where sweet ‘F.A.’ happens that I consider would be an insult to expect someone to read if I put on here what’s happening during these barren spells…after all this ain’t twitter where the most tedious posts are sometimes put….”oooh! seen a white cat!”  

2) In little ways I don’t like to conform. Often I will comment on lets say something that’s occurred a couple of weeks in the past….because I can. 

In that context something happened on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th). My father-in-law passed away and although we were pretty close it still surprised me how it has affected me. Until now I thought I was a pretty resilient sort of bloke, coping quite well .Strangely enough I can go off about general things, but can be quite calm in extreme situations such as this….always thought I’d be quite in the emergency services…mind you easy to say…actually being there it might be different.

I won’t go into it too much but possibly the way to describe is it’s like trying to give up smoking. Is this case its the sadness that comes in waves as opposed the desire for nicotine. One minute you’re fine…next the tiniest little reminder sets the memories into motion and one needs to do all they can to carry on. 

The funeral is tomorrow March 29th. It will be in the fine Irish tradition that his family come from within the Catholic faith….in which I’m not a practitioner but will of course respect their beliefs in the same way I respect the man it will be for.


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