80 MPH

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Community, Economics, Fun, Government, Humour, Life, Politics, Transport

I know raising the minimum speed to 80 mph on UK motorways was aired as a proposal under consideration by the government last October, it came up in conversation recently in group that contained a overpaid ‘high flyer’ character, with a ‘I’ve got a massive penis’ type car whose views and general persona made Jeremy Clarkson look like a left wing socially aware environmentalist nun…..only not as funny.

Well……for me it was like a red rag to a bull…..trouble is, I can’t resist being devils advocate just for the hell of it….and for the craic!

Here’s what came out of GOBSUM…..

“We’re told to recycle…add solar panels to our houses, or in fact anywhere we can put some to save energy …. be ferried around like cattle on ‘pleblic transport’ to save CO2 emissions.

We’re also told to accept we need to spend billions on new nuclear power stations and enough wind farms spread over the UK to eventually put at risk the land mass that is GB actually taking off……actually not a bad idea…direct us to sunnier climes pilot!

So now you and other drivers of the UK can now replace any savings in CO2 (questionable but we won’t go there) by driving at 80 mph…better for the economy?…twaddle!!….worst for most of us because you lot who do this will be more pissed off and higher instances of road rage will ensue because the a twat behind the wheel will be getting to a traffic jam 10 minutes earlier and thereby waiting longer to move the next 50 yards!”

The period of awkward silence and look on his face was priceless!


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