More Booze Tax?…..3 Michelin Stars Then!

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Not content with the current cost cutting, such as allowing essential services prices rises like utilities and train travel, plus tax hikes….all affecting the less well off by taking more and more of the proportion of their meagre salaries (if lucky enough to have a job)….we have a minimum price on drinking possibly coming.

Apparently it’s due to the increase year on year of anti social behaviour and associated health issues. Perhaps politicians should be asking themselves the reasons why people feel they want to go and get lashed and have what they consider a good time away from their problems for a short while.

Perhaps they think it’ll be preferable the far ‘better orf types’ in society do this sort of thing. I mean if one has a bit of a problem with disorder caused by drink it will be much better for the police to confront a middle class twat speaking the Kings’ English.

This is preferable to the effing and blinding poor sod out for a good Anglo Saxon/Viking type drink session….(our genetic historical heritage and we drink far less than hundreds of years ago)….as a respite from a crap week in a poxy job earning thousands less than the mean average £26,000 per year.

Oh no old chap…..can’t have the plebs being able to afford too much  alcohol…..want them having to pay a far higher proportion of their wages for it…..just as they do with the essentials of life in the UK…..and working until they drop far earlier than the retiring age whilst making more profits for heads of banks and business to pay out taking HMRC big hitters to lavish dinners in Michelin 3 Star restaurants…..what what!


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